4 Awesome Benefits of Taking a CBD-Infused Bath

white bathtub surrounded by plants

What's better than a regular bath (because let's face it, a regular bath is pretty darn great)? A CBD-infused bath! I've been taking CBD-infused baths for years and can honestly say - CBD totally elevates the entire bath experience. Want to know how? Read on to learn four awesome benefits of why you'll want to add  a little CBD to your next bath...


Possibly my favorite benefit (especially as a new mom with less time than before!) - I've noticed that a CBD-infused bath means that I don't need to soak as long to feel all the benefits of a bath. This is so useful for those times when I just don't have 20+ minutes to soak. Heat improves CBD's anti-inflammatory properties and it also opens up your skin's pores so the whole process of CBD being absorbed into your skin is expedited and you experience all the benefits quicker!


Are your muscles sore from a tough workout, stress, or traveling (well... back when we could travel!)? Relief is just a CBD bath away! CBD's anti-inflammatory benefits stimulates the human body's endocannabinoid system (this is the system in our body that regulates sleep, appetite, pain and immunity through cell receptors) so you'll feel less pain and tension. CBD is also absorbed more efficiently through the skin so soaking in a CBD-infused bath will provide direct full-body relief more quickly than ingesting CBD. 


If you're a head to the pillow and out type of person - lucky! That's never been my case and I've learned through the years some favored wind-down rituals to help my mind and body prepare for sleep, including taking a CBD-infused bath. Studies have shown that a warm bath an hour or two before bed can help you fall asleep faster - and stay asleep! A bath is a relaxing experience to begin with - a CBD-infused bath takes the entire experience up a notch (or few). Even if you are a head to the pillow and out type of person, you still may want to try this!


While the first three benefits touch upon this, it's worth saying - a CBD-infused bath provides the ultimate in relaxation! CBD works in conjunction with all of the other relaxing elements of a bath (warm water, bath salts, essential oils) and helps you decompress more fully. Add some calming music or a favored book, and you're truly headed into bliss.


To make your own CBD-infused bath, mix your favorite CBD oil (pay attention to  dosage) with 1 tablespoon of a carrier oil, such as jojoba or coconut. You can also add a couple drops of essential oil if you'd like some scent. Mix all together and gently pour into a warm tub - I suggest stirring the oil into the tub before getting in. If you don't have the time to DIY, try our CBD-Infused RELAX Bath Salts, infused with 150mg of CBD (per 15 oz) and a combination of three detoxifying salts (Dead Sea, Pink Himalayan, and Epsom), your body and mind will thank you!

Have you tried a CBD-infused bath? Let me know what you're favorite part of a CBD-infused bath is in the comments below!

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