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Beautycounter Clean Beauty Products

Just a quick post to announce my recent decision to join Beautycounter as a consultant! I’ve used and loved Beautycounter for awhile so it feels like a natural fit for myself and for what I’m setting out to do with Bliss’d: inspire women to take more time for themselves through self-care and self-love 🤍 Self-care and self-love looks and feels different for everyone and for me taking care of my skin and using skincare products I love is just one component of it all ✨

I went back and forth A LOT on whether to do this (what will people think? can I handle another avenue of business alongside everything else?!) but ultimately I came back to my motto of life right now:

be afraid and do it anyway

So that’s what I’m doing and we will see what happens! You never know if you don’t try, right? 😊

I’ll be sharing my love for Beautycounter alongside the other products (both Bliss’d and those not carried by Bliss’d), tips and inspo that I share here!

Oh and as a small business owner still operating out of my home… not having to carry additional inventory is a huge win in my book haha! 🙌🏼

If you’re interested in learning about Beautycounter’s range of products, receiving samples, or just chatting clean beauty & self-care in general, feel free to email me at hello@blissd.co!

You can also shop Beautycounter through my link.


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