Our mission is to help moms live more connected, joyful, and fulfilling lives through journaling & self-care.

Our Story

Allie Mirosevic and family

Hi there! I’m Allie and I started Bliss’d to help fellow moms live more connected, joyful and fulfilling lives through journaling and self-care. Because as a mom to two toddlers, I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and stretched too thin, and crave a deeper connection with myself, my husband and my kids.

My love for self-care and personal growth started in high school (I would use my money from my part-time job to buy self help books!). And it never stopped. For the last 20 years I’ve tried it all - from facials and massages to meditation and energy work to book and courses - and what I’ve come to realize is that self-care is a lot more than looking and feeling good on the outside, it's everything you do to feel your best from the inside.

One tool I use to help me feel my best on the inside is journaling. I discovered my love for journaling after the birth of my first child when I experienced PPD. My therapist suggested journaling (and meds) to help work through it. Both helped immensely - and journaling stuck (long after the meds finished)!

There are so many benefits to journaling for self-care. Benefits like: reduced stress and anxiety (over the longterm and immediately), an improved mindset, a greater appreciation for all you have, a deeper connection and knowing of self, and an  overall boost in well-being. I've experienced these benefits (and more!) firsthand.

Since I couldn’t find an easy-to-use, 5-minute inspirational anytime journal - I created my own - the Anytime Reflection Journal. Plus, I wanted a place to share the (easy!, approachable!) self-care tips that have helped me feel my best (or, better!), in hopes that they help you, too! 

Welcome to Bliss’d - I’m so glad you’re here!

With Gratitude,

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We Value

A balanced and approachable path to self-care.

Accessible and easy-to-use products, tips and solutions.

Supporting other moms on their personal growth journey.

Sharing our story - and what's helped us (because we've tried it all!) with the hope that it will help you, too!