Our mission is to help moms live more connected, joyful, and fulfilling lives through journaling & self-care.

Our Story

Allie Mirosevic and family

Hi there! I’m Allie and I started Bliss’d to help fellow moms live more connected, joyful and fulfilling lives through journaling and self-care. Because as a mom to two toddlers, I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and stretched too thin, and crave a deeper connection with myself, my husband and my kids.

I discovered my love for journaling during my first postpartum in 2019, when I experienced postpartum depression. My therapist suggested journaling (and medicine) to help work through it. Both helped immensely - and my journaling practice stuck - long after the medicine finished!

However, I had trouble finding an easy-to-use, inspirational, anytime journal (so important for us, mamas!), so I decided to create my own - our Time to Reflect journal. It's based on the format I used to help me start - and maintain - my journaling practice. The format is simple, yet effective.

I also recently launched our family journal for gratitude, We're So Grateful. This journal was a longtime in the making and based around my family’s dinnertime gratitude practice where we go around the table and say what we’re grateful for - which my husband and I began doing at the start of the pandemic (and layoffs we were going through) well before our now 4-year old could understand. 

While I love the simplicity (and ease!) of sharing out loud what we’re grateful for, I always thought it would be special to have somewhere more permanent to store our memories and gratitudes. And that’s how that journal was born! 

There are so many benefits to journaling. Benefits like: reduced stress and anxiety, an improved mindset, a greater appreciation for all you have, a deeper connection with others and with yourself (hi postpartum rediscovery!), and an overall boost in self-esteem, mood and mental well-being (to name just a few!).

I've experienced these benefits, and more, firsthand and I'm excited for you to experience them, too!

Welcome to Bliss’d - I’m so glad you’re here!

With Gratitude,

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We Value

A balanced and approachable path to self-care.

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Supporting other moms on their personal growth journey.

Sharing our story - and what's helped us (because we've tried it all!) with the hope that it will help you, too!