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Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! We offer free shipping to US orders. Any order over $35 ships free via USPS with tracking. Delivery usually takes 3 - 8 days depending on USPS. You're welcome to select a different shipping method at checkout if you want your order faster.

For orders under $35, we offer a flatrate shipping rate of $5.99 via USPS with tracking.

When will I receive my order?

We process your order within 3 business days of receiving it and ship your order through USPS Media Mail, which includes tracking and is typically in transit for 3 - 4 business days. You can choose a faster shipping option if you'd like to receive your order sooner. If there are any shipping delays due to high volume, we will let you know. 

Can I purchase your products if I live outside of the US?

We are so excited to say YES! Please note, we do not control the pricing on the shipping. As we grow, we will work to extend our free shipping with a minimum purchase worldwide.

What is your return policy?

Unused/unopened products in their original packaging may be returned within 30 days of delivery date. Customer pays return shipping. Returns are processed within 7 business days to original form of payment (allow 7 - 10 days after that for refund to show).


Does journaling work?! What are the benefits of it?

We think so! And we are proof that it does. Here are some of the (scientifically-proven) benefits you can experience (many of which we have!):

  • Release and reduce stress and anxiety (which can help boost your immune system)
  • Improve your mindset and emotional intelligence (being able to name, manage and control your emotions better)
  • Cultivate more gratitude and excitement in your life
  • Improve memory function
  • Connect deeper with yourself and others
  • Gain more self-awareness (into who you are, your fears, stressors, thought patterns/triggers)
  • Experience an overall boost in your state of well-being
What are the benefits of a gratitude practice?

A few (scientifically proven) benefits of practicing gratitude daily include:

  • Enhance long-term happiness by helping you focus on the good in your life
  • Boosts self-esteem by helping you feel good (or better) about your life and circumstances
  • Increases feelings of optimism
  • Strengthens relationships

This is why we included a gratitude section in our journal!

How do I start a journaling practice?

The most important part of starting is choosing a time that will work for you, the majority of days. Our journals are designed to be used at any time of day - you don't need a lot of time but you do need a commitment and desire. When first starting out, challenge yourself to journal everyday for one week (set a reminder in your calendar if you need to). This will help you get into the practice of journaling. You can write in complete sentences, stream-of-consciousness or in bullets for each prompt - do what feels best for you so that it will be easier to stay consistent.

How often should I journal?

Consistency is key when it comes to journaling (or anything, for that matter). The more consistent you are with journaling, the more lasting benefits you'll experience! We recommend journaling at least 3 times per week for best results (but we understand that life happens so when you get out of routine - just dive back into it!)

I'm nervous to write down my thoughts in my journal. What if someone reads it?

We're big believers in getting all that's in your head - out! In our experience, that's how you'll experience the most benefits of journaling. Do what you need to do in order to achieve this - is it writing in your journal and then immediately tearing out and discarding the page? Is it hiding it in a drawer? Do what you need to do, girl!

What do I do when I'm done with my journal? 

This is very much a personal preference. Some people like to keep their journals as a keepsake or for relection down the road while other people discard their journals when they're done. If you'd like to discard your journal, you can tear out the interior pages to recycle.

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