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Magic Moments: A Manifestation Journaling Course

Magic Moments: A Manifestation Journaling Course

Create more magic in your life with our manifestation journaling mini-course

Unlock the transformative potential within you with Magic Moments, our journaling for manifestation mini-course. Dive into the art of manifestation, gaining insights into the energetics of the universe all while discovering how to tap into its power. You'll learn to cultivate clarity and how to use manifestation to shape your reality. Delve into the practice of intentional journaling, using our journal and our own MAGIC method to craft a roadmap towards your aspirations and manifesting your heart's desires. Embrace this journey towards self-discovery and empowerment, and pave the way towards living your dream life filled with moments of magic. 

What You'll Get
  • 10 Self-Paced Modules in PDF and (short) video format
  • Interactive workbook and exercises for each module
  • One hardcopy of our journal, Time to Reflect, to support you on your manifestation journaling journey (shipping included)
  • Short recorded guided meditation to connect with your authentic self
  • Any future updates to the course
  • Bonus! Complimentary access through 2024 to our private Facebook Community with regular live Q&A's, monthly themes and exercises, and guest expert workshops on a variety of personal growth topics (including Human Design, Tapping into Your Intuition, & more!)
What You'll Learn

In this Manifestation Journaling Mini-Course, you'll learn how to harness the power of intention, clarity, and journaling to manifest your dreams and create a life filled with abundance and magic.

Pre-order Special! You'll receive this course via an email link in mid-June but you'll get your new journal right away!

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Magic Moments: A Manifestation Journaling Course
Magic Moments: A Manifestation Journaling Course
Magic Moments: A Manifestation Journaling Course
Magic Moments: A Manifestation Journaling Course
Magic Moments: A Manifestation Journaling Course


How is the course structured?

PDFs and short videos make up the structure of the course. Here's a peek at what it covers:

  • Introduction to Manifestation
  • The Power of Clarity
  • Setting Intentions
  • Understanding Your Inner Self
  • Harnessing the Energy of Emotions
  • The Magic of Journaling
  • Crafting Your Manifestation Rituals
  • Manifestation Blocks and Overcoming Resistance
  • Aligning with Abundance
  • The MAGIC Framework—our magic manifestation journaling method!

Who is this best for?

This course for anyone seeking to unlock the power of manifestation and journaling, even when short on time. Whether you're a busy professional juggling multiple responsibilities, a mom balancing family and life, or simply someone intrigued by the transformative potential of manifestation, this course offers something for everyone.

It provides both an overview of manifestation principles and practical techniques, as well as deeper insights into how journaling can amplify your manifestation efforts—all within manageable timeframes.

Do I get access to future course updates?

Of course! As the manifestation journaling course evolves, you'll receive automatic course updates. So you'll always be in the loop as things change and progress in the years to come!

Tell me about the community!

When you purchase this course you'll also gain free access to our private Facebook community where you can connect with likeminded souls, meet your self-development bestie, and further your learning and growth with direct support from us and the community. You can expect regular live Q&As to get your questions answered, monthly themed challenges and exercises, and guest expert workshops on a variety of topics to help you on your personal growth and manifestation journey!

* free access granted through 2024

Bliss'd founder Allie Mirosevic on Santa Monica beach

Meet Your Guide

Hey there, I'm Allie—your companion on this incredible journey of self-discovery. Before becoming an entrepreneur, I worked in the travel industry, a dream that once fulfilled me until it no longer did.

Always intending to start my own business (a life long dream of mine!), I stumbled upon my love of journaling after struggling with postpartum depression after the birth of my first child. Therapy, medicine and journaling helped me find my feet (and self!) again. Four years later I'm no longer on the medicine, yet journaling is still very much a part of my life.

My regular journaling practice has changed my life. I’ve gained clarity and confidence into who I am (very helpful on this motherhood & entrepreneurship journey!), become more fulfilled in my life and path, and notice the magic and synchronicities of the universe all around me (after all, when you do the inner work, your outer one starts to change) 🩷

My mission is clear—to guide you on your own personal growth journey. I'm passionate about helping others embrace journaling as a tool in their own self-discovery journey, all while sharing the knowledge I gain from my own spiritual and personal growth journey.