Here's Why I Take Cold Showers

Allie Mirosevic

Frozen lake

Does this look appealing to you?!

I first learned of the benefits of cold therapy when visiting a friend in Finland, where they partake in ice baths year round via the freezing cold Baltic Sea! It's now been popularized in the US through various channels but I believe mainly in part due to a Dutch man named Wim Hof. He has been a guest on a lot of platforms I listen to/read/watch, including Mind Body GreenThe Skinny Confidential Podcast, and The Goop Lab on Netflix.

Wim is famous for his ability to withstand freezing cold temperatures and promotes the benefits of cold therapy through his work. These benefits include:

  • Increases metabolism 

  • Reduces inflammation and sore muscles (which is why many athletes take ice baths)

  • Increased energy 

  • Improved quality of sleep due to lowering your body temperature (side note - whenever I shower at night, I make sure to switch the water to cold and I find I always sleep better!)

  • Boosts immunity (so important now and always!)

Woman in frozen river

I try to alternate between hot and cold anytime I shower (it doesn't always happen because I'm human too and sometimes I just can't bear it either!) I usually end on hot but am working my way to ending on cold, as I think most  experts suggest. I also only do 30-second(ish) intervals; the recommending timing is 3 minutes of cold (I'll get there one day)! 

The immediate benefit I notice is that I feel so good and awake (which is odd since it also helps put me to sleep when I use this at night)! On days when I didn't sleep well, a cold shower adds that extra umph that I need to get going in a way that a regular shower and coffee just doesn't. I think a cold shower is a great tool for anyone looking to up their wellness, but especially useful for tired mamas, post work-out (combine with a detoxifying bath and you're golden!), or before bed if you have trouble sleeping.

If you're new to cold showers and interested in trying this, my suggestion is to do what works for you. Start small and work your way up - or start small and stay there! It may be not be that you take a cold shower every time but if you start incorporating it into you routine a couple times per week, I bet you'll begin to notice a difference.

Do you take cold showers? I'd love to hear your thoughts below. 

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