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Our Mindful Mamas series spotlights other amazing mindful mamas from all over! The interviews focus on mindfulness and self-care and what it means and looks like for each mama. The goal of this series is to showcase the different ways we mamas get our self-care and mindfulness in and show how it can look/feel/be different for everyone, as well as the creative tips we mamas use to fit it in! We hope this series educates, informs and inspires you on self-care and to take some time for yourself, mama! 

Jessica Meunier

Meet Jessica Meunier

Jessica is our next Bliss'd Mindful Mama! Jessica has two daughters who are 4 and 7-years old. She is a Financial Coach, Author and Angel Investor out of the Bay Area. She shares some great #moneymindset tips on her Instagram. Read on for my full interview with Jessica.

What is your definition of self-care? Has this changed since becoming a mom?

My definition of self-care is unapologetically taking the time, space and activities you need to feel refreshed and ready to be the mom you want to be. Since becoming a mom, I feel more guilty about taking nights away, exercise breaks, nights out with friends. However, I have never been more convinced that these activities are critical for me to be able to pour into my family, community and profession.

What does your self-care routine look like? Feel free to share small practices you do regularly and/or a set routine (morning, evening).

I listen to a 10 minute meditation on my morning walk or drive from Headspace. I put up a money or mindful affirmation every day on my desk where I can see it. I do not take my phone on walks so I can just disconnect and look at nature and get present.

Do you practice mindfulness? If so, how?

Yes, I do a daily meditation as well as an afternoon visualization on 5 things I can see, 4 things I can hear, 3 things I can feel, 2 things I can taste and 1 thing I can smell. It helps bring me back to the present and let go of work/personal errands when it is time to switch to mom mode, dinner, night routine.

Jessica Meunier holding up cup of coffee
Jessica Meunier

What's a "mindful mama" tip you have?

Visualize a shield you are putting up at the beginning of each day and only the things you allow will take your energy for the day. We can't keep giving our energy to anything or anyone who asks for it, we need to be selective and focused.

What is your favorite self-care activity for when you have… 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 60+ minutes?

5 minutes: stretch with breathing exercises

30 minutes: take a long shower with essential oils then do my skincare routine slowly

60 minutes: make a mocktail or cocktail and sit in my favorite outdoor spot and read my food and wine magazine.

What are your top 3 - 5 self-care and/or wellness products?

Intelligent Change Mindful Affirmations, This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, and Cozy Earth Pajamas.

Motherhood can be overwhelming! How do you center yourself when you’re feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed?

I take 10 deep breaths and remind myself that I don't need to react to whatever situation is going on. I can just sit and do my deep breaths and show my kids and family how I am regulating my emotions. I can also just ask for a break and walk away, listen to music or go outside for a few minutes to reset.

What is a tip you have for a mom interested in self-care but unsure how to start, or she feels overwhelmed with the idea of fitting it in?

Remind yourself that self-care is a normal part of life for everyone and likely one you pushed aside after becoming a mom. Self care is self preservation, you need it to be the person you are meant to be and to handle everyday stressors. It doesn't need to be long, expensive or instagram worthy, it can be whatever makes you feel rested, refreshed and ready to handle the rest of your week.

When do you feel your most bliss’d out?

After a massage or night away to recharge!

What's a mama mantra you live by?

I can show up differently than I have before.


Thank you, Jessica, for sharing your thoughts with our community! I hope you're enjoying this interview series as much as I am; I'm soaking up so much new knowledge and tips! If you'd like to connect further with Jessica, her business website is Empowered Personal Finance

If you're a mom interested in being featured in our Mindful Mamas series, please submit here. We are excited to feature you!

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