Start Your Day More Mindfully With These 5 Self-Care Products and Ideas

Allie Mirosevic

If you're looking for some inspiration in building or adding to your morning routine - look no further, as I'm sharing some of my favorite (simple) ways to get my day started a more mindful note. I notice when I do at least one of these things every morning, I always feel more refreshed and calm about the day ahead - if I manage more than one, even better!

My least favorite way to start the day is rushing out of bed (awoken by Luca) and checking my phone right away - but I'm human and know that that will happen sometimes. On those days, I remind myself it's what I do most of the time that matters. If you're trying to build more mindful habits and routines, I hope that perspective helps you too! 

Add some of these ideas into your current morning routine or use them all together for a 30-minute (ish) mindful morning routine.

Idea 1: Wake Up Slowly 

The idea here is simple: when you first wake-up, lay in bed for a moment or two. Take a few deep breaths and think about 3 - 5 things you are grateful for. This helps set your day in gratitude. It's also especially great for anyone who sleeps with their phone next to their bed because it ensures you don't immediately check your phone upon waking. (On a separate note, sleeping with your phone in a different room is one of my favorite better sleep tips, but we'll get those those in a different post!)

One note on this for all the mamas out there... as a mom, I totally get that this isn't always possible! And if you have an early riser, it can be nearly impossible to have any time to yourself in the morning. But if you can figure out how to give yourself even just 5-minutes before your babies wake up, it can make a  difference! 

Idea 2: Meditate or Breathwork 

This can go hand in hand with waking up slowly. If you have a meditation or breathwork practice, doing it first thing in the morning is such a calming way to start the day. If you're new to meditation or breathwork and interested in building a practice, I recommend starting small and going from there. I love Simple Habit - they have an amazing library of 5 minute or less meditations, which I'm all about these day. For breathwork, check out the Wim Hof method. Breathwork is more active than meditation, so for anyone not into sitting meditation, give breathwork a shot! Another ritual I started doing this year is reading a daily meditation and lesson from The Daily Stoic, a book of 366 days of Stoic insights and exercises. Emphasizing the fact that this doesn't always happen - some mornings I find I'm playing catch-up and reading 10 days of meditations and lessons in one!

Idea 3: Some Mindful Minutes With Your Coffee or Tea 

Drink some water to help get your body moving, and then move onto the good stuff! Start your day with our Instant Mushroom Coffee by Four Sigmatic or mix up a Golde Turmeric Latte - both offer more immunity-boosting benefits than your regular cup of java or tea. While you sip, grab some mindful minutes by journaling, reading or coloring. All of the journals we carry (The Gratitude Journal, Law of Attraction Journal, or Happiness Planner) offer helpful prompts for writing out your thoughts. Looking for something more creative? Try meditative coloring

Idea 4: Dry-brush it Up

Moving onto the getting ready part of your morning... after you've moved through your routine, it's time to energize and invigorate your body. Consider dry-brushing before you hop in the shower. There are so many benefits to dry brushing, including exfoliating skin, stimulating circulation, releasing toxins, and promoting lymph flow and drainage (these benefits are similar to getting a massage!).

Idea 5: Cold Shower Time

Keep that energized feeling going with a cold shower! It might sound crazy but a cold shower can help reduce stress levels (so important right now!), give you a higher level of alertness, and increase the amount of white blood cells in your body, which boosts your overall immunity, among other benefits. If jumping directly into a cold shower is a little intimidating, consider switching from hot and cold or blasting cold for the last few seconds of your shower. Do this for a week and you'll get used to it in no time!

What do you think of these ideas? Will you incorporate any of them into your morning? I'd love to know so please share below!

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