My 4 Favorite Benefits of Dry-Brushing

Allie Mirosevic

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I love dry brushing! It's such an invigorating way to start your day. Follow with a alternating hot/cold shower and you're really giving your system a boost! It's something I do a few times a week (while I only dry brush a few times per week, it is safe to do daily). Dry brushing feels good and is good for you - here are my favorite benefits of dry brushing your body. 

Stimulates the lymphatic system

I first learned of dry brushing while getting a massage. The masseuse mentioned that dry brushing the area under my arms could help with lymphatic drainage. The idea is that regular dry brushing stimulates lymph flow within the body and helps avoid build-up.  

Exfoliates skin 

While exfoliation is probably an obvious benefit of dry brushing, it's not one to be overlooked! You'll likely notice smoother skin immediately following dry brushing - you've brushed away the dead and dry skin to reveal the new. Your skin is exfoliated regularly when you dry brush so dry and dead skin won't build up.

Increases circulation 

This is another feel right away benefit. The brisk dry brush stimulates circulation and helps with blood flow. It leaves you feel more invigorated and energized - which is why it's best to dry brush in the morning or afternoon!

Promotes self-care and self-love

Taking a few minutes for yourself always feels good, the best act of self-love.

Different dry body brushes

How to Dry Brush 

  • Always brush towards your heart.

  • Start at feet and brush upwards towards your heart, when you get to your neck and underarms, brush down (towards your heart).

  • As dry brushing is an energizing practice, it's best to dry brush in the morning or afternoon.

  • Follow with a cold shower (or alternate hot/cold) to extend the benefits of dry brushing and keep up that energized feeling!

  • Dry brush for as long or as little as you'd like (if it's uncomfortable or hurts, you're brushing too hard). I love dry brushing a few mornings a week, and will either brush my whole body or focus on specific areas (like under arms).

What do you think of dry brushing? I'd love to hear your thoughts so share below!

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Along with my opinions, this was my source for this article. 

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