Meet the Maker: Nourish & Refine

Allie Mirosevic

Our Meet the Maker series spotlights the amazing makers behind the brands that we carry. The interviews focus on self-care and wellness and what it means and looks like for each maker. We hope this series educates, informs and inspires you on self-care and how it can look and be different for everyone. 

Nikki Powers Nourish & Refine

Now up - an interview with Nikki Powers, the founder behind the beautiful brand, Nourish & Refine. Nourish & Refine is based in Alexandria, Virginia, located right outside of Washington, DC. I was drawn to carry Nourish and Refine because of their beautiful products (a crystal-infused face mist? yes, please), the high quality, organic ingredients they use, and their mission. Read interview with Nikki below!

What is Nourish & Refine all about? What is your mission? 

Nourish and Refine empowers women to practice self-care through all-natural and conscious wellness products. Our luxurious line of skincare and candles offer women the freedom to take a moment for themselves each and every day. We are proud of our formulations because we source the very best organic and completely natural ingredients. We make it easy for you to feel confident about what you put on your skin, and we promise your skin will love you for it.

What is your definition of self-care?

Taking a moment for yourself each and every day. 

What is your favorite self-care activity for when you have…

  • 5 minutes: 5 minute meditation with Headspace
  • 30 minutes: cleansing my face and double masking
  • 60+ minutes: a luxurious bath with our body oil and bath salts

Relaxing bath with flowers & bath salts

Credit: Nourish & Refine

How do you center yourself when you’re feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed?

I put my legs up a wall or lie face down on my yoga mat. 

What do you think are some misconceptions about self-care?

People think it takes too much time! 

What is a tip you have for someone who is interested in self-care but doesn’t know where to start, or they feel overwhelmed by the idea of self-care?

Start by setting aside 5 more minutes each day to practice self -care. That can be a walk, meditation, rest, read a book, or taking a warm shower. 

Misting face with rose water spray

Nourish & Refine Crystal Infused Rose Water Mist

What’s a mantra you live by?

"Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight." ~ Benjamin Franklin

What is your favorite:

  • Book: The Lies That Bind by Emily Giffin
  • Movie: Haven’t watched any good ones recently but I love The Holiday and Couples Retreat
  • Place: Santa Monica & Ojai, CA
  • Meal: Peach flatbread from Blackwall Hitch in Alexandria, VA 

Nourish & Refine Luxury Candle

Nourish & Refine Luxury Candle 

When do you feel your best/most bliss’d out?

After a restorative yoga class or long bath where I just rest and close my eyes. 

Bliss'd currently carries Nourish & Refine's Luxury Candle & Crystal-Infused Rose Water Mist

For more information on Nourish & Refine and to browse more of their beautiful products visit or follow @nourishandrefine on Instagram.

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