Five 10-Minute Self-care Ideas To Try Today

Allie Mirosevic

Pink sugar scrub on lips

While I love a good Saturday or Sunday afternoon spent on self-care, I don’t always have an entire afternoon or evening to devote to it. Here are some of my favorite ways to squeeze in some self-care when you don’t have a lot of time (and they’re easy to fit in on a weekday, too)!

  1. Show your lips some love with a sugar lip scrub. This is so easy to do at night before you brush your teeth. I am currently using and loving a homemade honey sugar lip scrub - simply mix one part honey to two parts sugar, depending on how much you want (if you're just mixing for the day of or making more to store) and gently rub on your lips. I’ve also heard great things about French Girl Lip Polish.
  2. I'm on my feet a lot so when I can't fit in a full bath, I opt for a foot soak instead. Run a bath (or fill a small basin) with warm to hot water and drop in a steeping bag of our salts (regular or CBD infused will do). Dip your feet in for 10 minutes (or more). Gently towel dry feel and finish with a body cream (you don't need a foot-specific lotion) and comfy socks. I recommend doing this at the end of your day to reap all the benefits!
  3. Give your hands some love with a nice scrub to banish dead skin (I'm using the Frank Body Coffee Scrub, technically designed for body). Finish with some cuticle oil and hand cream.
  4. Have you heard of dry brushing (essentially brushing your body with a natural brush)? It’s a great wake-me-up and helps detoxify, exfoliate and get your lymphatic system moving. Experts recommend dry-brushing first thing in the morning for up to 5 minutes; and while I don’t do this daily, I do make it a habit a couple of times a week. My skin always feels extra smooth - take advantage and apply a luxurious lotion on afterwards to extra silkiness! (FYI, it’s best to dry brush in the am, when your system is ready to wake up)
  5. Meditate! I aim to meditate for 5 minutes each morning (working my way up to 10!) but right now, 5 minutes works for me. My go-to app is Simple Habit, I love that they have 5-minute (or fewer) meditations available, as well as guided and unguided.

Hope you've found this post helpful for some quick and easy ways to fit in some #selfcare any day of the week! I'd love to hear your favorite tips in the comments. 

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