3 Easy Tips to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa Sanctuary

Allie Mirosevic

Often times, the bathroom can be an overlooked area of a home but I'd like to change that! I believe in creating spaces to be enjoyed and that instill a sense of calm and relaxation - including the bathroom (where most of my self care rituals go down!). I'm sharing my favorite 3 easy tips to turn any bathroom - large, small, or windowless - into a sanctuary that you'll enjoy spending time in!

Add some greenery

This can make all the difference! Real is preferred for its detoxifying benefits but fake is fine too (fake is especially great for bathrooms that don't have any windows). Consider placing or hanging a plant near the bath or shower for a "bathing in nature" type of effect. Eucalyptus is also an easy plant to display and lasts awhile (you'll have to replace every few weeks). 

Hanging plant in open airy shower

Image via Sara Parsons.

Plants next to a claw white bathtub


Declutter & organize

Spend an afternoon going through your makeup, toiletries, and medicine cabinet. Toss anything that is expired. If you have a lot of unopened makeup (because you are a subscription box addict like myself) that you don't think you'll use, place it in a "to gift" pile and store outside of the bathroom. Reorganize your makeup and essentials in a way that suits your lifestyle (for example, if your medicine cabinet is filled with medicine or products that you don't regularly use, consider moving to a less prominent spot). If you share a bathroom with a partner or roommate, see if they'll go through the process with you for their own stuff.

If you have extra vertical space, use that to create a practical storage solution to store your favorite products - floating shelves, a cabinet, or stacked crates work well. Display a few essentials in cute jars or containers (think q-tips or cotton pads in a glass jar, extra towels rolled, a favorite candle) to invoke a similar environment to a spa. 

For a standalone bathtub, keep your favorite products (bath salts, candle, succulent, etc.) on a bath tray so your bath is always ready for you! 

Bath products on a bath trayImage via SBJhome (Stef).

Gold cart with towels and bath products

Image via World Market

Invest in...

Some upgrades. For me, that meant a better set of towels and a plush bath rug that doesn't wear down after a few weeks (I love the bath collection by Parachute Home). I feel like I'm at a luxurious spa every time I use my towels and step onto our bath mat.

For you, it might mean an upgraded shower head (easy to install whether you own or rent), a good robe, a new shower curtain or a diffuser to release a calming and clean scent throughout the day (you can use either a reed diffuser or one that plugs in and add essential oils - for those, I love Saje Wellness & Muji). Note that this idea is especially great for windowless bathrooms where you don't have a window to open for fresh air!

Reed diffuser on tray in bathroomImage via Sweet Monday

Let me know which of these tips you're going to try in the comments below! 

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