Keep Your Vibes High With These Crystal Infused Wellness & Beauty Products

Allie Mirosevic

I am all about living the high vibrational life (though it's not always easy!) and love elevating my mood through acts of self-care and self-love. In general, I think showing yourself any act of self-care and self-love helps raise your vibes, but using wellness and beauty products you love takes it even further - especially if those products are infused with crystals! Below, I round up my favorite crystal-infused wellness products and share how I use/incorporate them into my daily routine.

In full disclosure - while Bliss'd carries the majority of the products I recommend there are some products I recommend that Bliss'd does not carry (yet, at least!). If you make a purchase through my link, I may collect a small commission, at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products that I use and love myself.

Ok, now that that's out of the way - let's get to it!

Crystal Infused High Vibe Nail Polish

Non-toxic and infused with the crystal each polish is named after, these high vibrational polishes give your nails a pretty hue and the energies of the crystal  they're named after. The crystals infused in each polish have been charged under a Brooklyn full moon so you're getting the best vibes in each beautiful bottle. Plus, they're hand-mixed, vegan, and cruelty-free.

My signature color is Rose Quartz; I'm all about the pale pinks and neutrals on my nails! Other colors we carry include Garnet (deep red), Amethyst (purple), and Clear (which includes a mini clear quartz point in the bottle)!

I love listening to a podcast, meditation, or visualization exercise whenever I'm painting my nails.

Gua Sha Crystal Massage Tool 

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese massage practice that involves 'scraping' the skin for improved energy flow and blood circulation. It is one of my favorite skincare rituals and on average, I use my Gua Sha massage tool 4 - 5 times per week. It's just so easy to incorporate into any routine and doesn't require a lot of time; sometimes I use it for a minute, sometimes longer. And it's effort well worth it, I truly feel like my Gua Sha practice has transformed my face, helping with puffiness, lymphatic drainage, and toning.

I love using it with my oil based cleanser (I'll apply the cleanser to my face and then Gua Sha with the cleanser is still on) or post cleansing, after I apply my serum or moisturizer (always make sure you have a serum or cream on your face when you Gua Sha so you're not pulling at the skin). It's also great to use in conjunction with a facial sheet mask - massage your face while the sheet mask is on or post-mask to rub the extra essence in. We currently have a Rose Quartz Gua Sha available, which promotes self-love and inner-peace. Tip - store in the fridge for an added boost!

Crystal Infused Face Mists - Rosewater & Lavender

These mists are perfect for anytime of day! Handmade in small batches, these mists are great for toning, moisturizing and refreshing your skin. The Rosewater mist contains rose quartz pieces in the bottle while the Lavender one has amethyst pieces. I love using the Rosewater mist to start my day - set my make-up and encourage love through the rose quartz - and ending my day with the Lavender mist, as both lavender and amethyst are known to promote relaxation and restful sleep.

Aether Beauty  Rose Quartz eye shadow

Crystal Infused Eyeshadow

Omg to my newest obsession - Aether Beauty and their crystal-infused make-up (specifically, their eyeshadow)! I recently discovered Aether Beauty fell in love. The quality of their make-up along with the sustainable packaging (the compacts are fully recyclable) and their mission make it a company I want to support. Did I mention their eyeshadows are infused with charged crystals? Sign me up!

Aether Beauty Summer Solstice on eyes

A pop of gold on my eyes from my Aether Beauty shadow (working on getting a better pic that really highlights the eyeshadow!)

Since we don't carry make-up (and don't have plans to right now) I'm linking to my favorite green beauty store here in Santa Monica - The Detox MarketI have the Summer Solstice compact and am eyeing the Rose Quartz palette (sensing a pattern with my love for Rose Quartz?!) 

Sunday Citizen Crystal Weighted Blanket

Crystal Weighted Blanket

I love a good weighted blanket and Sunday Citizen's Crystal Weighted Blanket does not disappoint (I'm working on a separate review post of the two weighted blankets I own). I have the 10-pound version and it's great for both lounging on the couch and for using at night. Most weighted blanket get their weight from glass beads but this one gets it weight from both glass beads and a mix of crystals (clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst). The crystals each add their unique healing energies (rose quartz for love/self-love, amethyst for stress relief, negative emotions, and promoting more restful sleep, and clear quartz to magnify the effects of the other crystals), while the weight of the blanket helps with relaxation, deeper sleep, and easing anxiety. 

If you're interested in purchasing from Sunday Citizen, use this link to receive $20 off your order.

What are some of your favorite crystal-infused wellness and beauty products?  Please share below so I can add to my collection!

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