Introducing Isabella Miriana!

Allie Mirosevic

Wow, it’s been a minute! 😬 And in that minute we welcomed Isabella (Bella) Miriana to our family in July 💛 Needless to say, my mind has been elsewhere as I navigate all that comes with the newborn/baby stage again! 

So, while I've been more quiet than planned, Bliss’d is still very much up and running, with a renewed sense of energy for all things self-care, self-love and wellness (but like, realistic self-care and wellness).

I had a difficult postpartum experience (PPD) with Luca so I was really anticipating a similar experience. I'm happy to say this time around has been SO much better than expected! I set myself up with a support system and a better postnatal plan than I did with Luca and I think it made all the difference (I'll share more soon about what that looked like). 

I am returning to work next week and that pending return re-ignited the spark and passion I have for Bliss'd. For anyone new here, I work full-time as I build Bliss'd (*well actually part-time beginning next week, yay! That means more time for all my babies, including Bliss'd!).  

In the meantime, please enjoy some baby Bella pics : )

Baby Bella
Bella II
Allie Mirosevic & family


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