The Energy of a New Year - My 2022 Intentions

Allie Mirosevic

Happy New Year! I'll go ahead and say it - I love the start of a new year and the renewed energy that (usually) comes with it. While I believe that a "fresh start" can happen at anytime (you don't need to wait for a new year, a new week, etc), I do feel that there's a different energy to a new year that I love to use to my advantage for brainstorming, visioning, and intention setting. So here, I'm sharing my intentions for 2022. 

Tea on journal

  • Embrace the small & consistent habits - For me, this looks like a few minutes of daily(ish) journaling and meditating over an hour once in awhile, gentle, shorter workouts that I can do more often over longer or intense workouts that tire me out or are hard to make time for. 
  • Live life as a special occasion - I saw something similar on social and I loved the sentiment; don't wait for an occasion to use the nice candle, write in the nice journal, or wear the new outfit (insert whatever you are saving for a special occasion and use it now!) 
  • Get outside of my comfort zone - Especially with my business! I know that the only way I grow is by getting out of my comfort zone and I'm certain that will be similar for my business as well : ) 
  • Put into practice ... all that I practice - Also known as practice what I preach. Which I'm great at doing when I'm feeing good but the true test is putting everything into practice on the harder and more overwhelming days. It's a work in progress! 
  • Date night once/month - Book that babysitter in advance and get a date on the calendar every month! Up until now, we've usually just gotten a babysitter for outside events and I want to be better about scheduling a babysitter for US as a couple. Twelve dates a year may not sound like a lot for some... but for us, it's a huge start!
  • "Hide" phone more - Oh man the phone is SO addicting. I already limit my phone before bed (I don't sleep with it in my bedroom) but I want to be even more intentional with my phone usage; for example, if my husband and I sit down to watch TV after the kids go down, actually watching TV and not scrolling on the phone at the same time. I also want to do phone free days - I'll start with a morning and work my way up to a full day. 
  • Minimize noise and distractions - This piggy-backs with the above. I'm hoping to gain more focus by minimizing noise and distractions throughout the day. This looks like hiding my phone and closing out my email when I set out to work or workout and setting aside dedicated time to scroll or check the news (which admittedly I do way too much and it doesn't benefit anyone!)

Do any of these resonate with you? I'd love to hear below!

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