Three Free Wellness Trends I Love

Allie Mirosevic

Wellness doesn't have to be pricey! In fact, so much of wellness encompasses the habits and routines we build around mind, body and spirit - like meditation, exercise/movement, journaling, and what we put into our bodies. Here are three trends (for lack of a better word) that have been making waves in the wellness world recently that I'm loving, and have been embracing for years now!

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Cold Showers (Ice Baths or Cold Therapy)

I first learned of the benefits of cold therapy when visiting a friend in Finland back in 2007 (vintage lol), where they partake in ice baths year round via the freezing cold Baltic Sea! It's now been popularized in the US through various channels but I believe mainly in part due to a Dutch man named Wim Hof, who is famous for his ability to withstand freezing cold temperatures and promotes the many benefits of it. These benefits include a nice and quick energy boost, an increase to your metabolism, and helping to build up your immune system by making it stronger. You can learn more about the benefits here. While I may not have the Baltic Sea to jump into, I do have my shower and even a with a 1-minute splash of cold water (Wim recommends 3-minute cold showers), I notice an immediate boost. I'm working my way towards a 3-minute cold shower and ending with cold (I still switch back to hot to end my shower).

Breath Work 

While meditation is my OG and will always be a staple in my routine, I am loving breath work now as an alternative to meditating. It's more active than meditating, since you're focusing on your breath the entire time and because of this, I find my mind wanders less than when I'm meditating. 


Grab your favorite journal, your computer, or a pen and paper and get those thoughts out of your head! There are SO many benefits to journaling (here's a few that I've experienced firsthand) but the ones I've personally experienced include helping to keep my stress levels more in check (as an over-thinker/stressor, this has been huge!), improving my sleep (when I write before bed, as I often do), and helping me process and manage my thoughts and emotions better. If you're looking for a simple-to-use journal, check out our Anytime Reflection Journal - it can be used at any time of day and only takes 5-minutes!

Do you do any of the above? Or have any other favorite easy and free wellness rituals that you love? I love trying and incorporating new rituals into my routine so if you do, feel free to share below! 

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