6 Ways {Consistent} Journaling Has Helped Me

I'm a big believer in journaling and the many benefits that come with it! Journaling is a regular part of my self-care routine and with the launch of our new journal, Time to Reflect, I wanted to share a few ways journaling has helped me, with the hope that it inspires you to start penning to paper your thoughts (or keypad to computer if that's your preference!) 


Keeps my stress and anxiety levels at bay

Journaling helps me get what's in my head - OUT of my head which helps reduce my overall stress. Sometimes it feels like a weight is released when I let it all out and I immediately feel lighter and almost always notice an improvement in my mood afterwards (note - I don't hold back when I'm journaling and I think this helps!). I journal before bed and it usually helps me sleep better, especially if my mind is racing (you can journal whenever is convenient for you, though!)

Allows me to recognize my negative thought patterns

And the situations in which I tend to have those negative thought patterns. I've learned it's always when I'm feeling drained or depleted, which helps me be more mentally prepared on those days that I'm feeling rundown.

Helps me process and organize my thoughts 

And sometimes that's enough. Other times, it's not and I can then take what I've processed to my husband, therapist, friend, etc. to discuss more.

Shows me how far I've come 

When I look back on earlier entries, I can see how some goals I was working  towards actually played out, or compare my mindset in the present to the situation in the past. It's such a helpful tool for growth! Not everyone likes looking back on their journal entries, out of fear that it won't show growth, which I also understand. But that's where I recommend looking back with an open mind - what are your earlier entries trying to show or teach you? That's where the growth comes from, even if it isn't an obvious I went from A to B (which in most situations - it won't be!) 

Makes me feel more grateful for all that I have!

Truly. I used to constantly get stuck in the comparison game, which is not a game I want to play. When I started regularly writing out my gratitudes, I noticed I started comparing (and caring!) less and started feeling more at peace and grateful for what I do have - which is so much!

... And more excited about where I'm going!

I like to end things on a positive note, whenever possible, which is why Time to Reflect ends with an 'Excited For' prompt section as a nod to manifestation. Writing out what I'm excited about - whether it's actually happening or something I want to happen - (usually) helps elevate my mood and get me into an excited state for all that's ahead!

Do you journal? If so, I'd love to hear below on some ways journaling has helped you. If not — let me know if you have any questions in the comments or by emailing hello@blissd.co :) 

And if you're ready to start a simple journaling and gratitude practice so that you too can experience the wonderful benefits of journaling, I'd be honored if you'd consider our journal, Time to Reflect. If you stay consistent with it, I'm certain you'll experience a positive shift in your life, too! <3 

(note, all opinions are my own and journaling is in no way a substitute for therapy).

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