Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary With These 3 Tips!

Allie Mirosevic

I spend a lot of time in my bedroom - aside from sleeping, it's also where I mediate, workout, and wind down before bed. Having a bedroom that feels like a sanctuary and exudes calming vibes has always been important to me. No matter where I've lived - from my first studio apartment to our now condo - here are a few ways I've turned every bedroom (or bedroom nook) into my calming sanctuary. 

Upgrade Your Bedding and I've found it worthwhile to invest in good bedding, both from a sleep perspective and a comfort one. While I have a few different sheet sets (silk, jersey, percale, bamboo), I've realized that I'm always using a bamboo set. They're soft to the touch but cooling, which is important as a hot sleeper. One of my favorite sites for bedding is Quince because they offer quality bedding at more affordable prices. I'm eyeing some linen sheets so when I pull the plug on those, I'll update this post to let you know what I think - but right now, bamboo takes the win for me!

Along with the bedding materials, I think having it in a color/pattern you love is important to enhance the overall feel of your room. I'm naturally drawn to blues and neutrals, which also make me feel calm and relaxed. Choose a color or print you love that makes you feel good. 

Minimize Distractions

For me this means eliminating technology (specifically our phones and a TV) from our bedroom. This way, it ensures that when I go to my room to journal,  read or meditate (or sleep!), I do just that, since there's not a lot to distract me. I also get so distracted from the lights on a lot of tech - those little red power lights that are somehow SO bright - that it makes it hard for me to fall asleep. If you do have tech in your room, try covering up the power button to minimize the distraction from the light. This can make a big difference both in sleep quality and feeling of the room!

Enhance the Lighting 

This is another favorite tip of mine, and one I feel is often overlooked. Change the lightbulbs in your bedroom - replace the standard bulbs with special 'Good Night', or sleep, lightbulbs. We don't have any regular lightbulbs in our bedroom - when I turn on the light at night to read, our bedroom glows in such a soothing way (and I keep the curtains open during the day for natural light). You can find Good Night bulbs on Amazon here (*this is an Amazon affiliate and if you purchase via this link, I will make a small commission)

I'd love to hear in the comments if any of these tips resonated with you. And if you're looking for more actions to take to get a better night of sleep, check out my blog post Sleep Better With These 5 Tips.

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