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Happy November!

With the start of the new month (and only 2 months until the new year!), I wanted to share some tools I use regularly to help improve my mindset and help me feel like my best self (most days, haha).

If you're looking to improve your mindset and become the best version of YOU, I hope you can find some inspiration in these tools. Start incorporating what resonates with you now and by the time January 1 comes around, you'll already feel like the best version of yourself!

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This one is probably obvious since Bliss'd is a journal company! Ultimately, journaling helps clear my head and release and detach from negative thoughts so that I can make room for more empowering ones. Our Anytime Reflection Journal is quick and easy-to-use - great for beginner journalers and busy women, alike!

EFT Tapping (alternating days with meditating)

I've done 5-minute meditations for years now and enjoy the stillness it brings to my mind. What's new to my toolbox is EFT Tapping, which I liken to a more active form of meditation. It's literally tapping with your fingers on pressure points of your face while repetaing statements you want to release from or add to your belief system. If you're interested in this - Tap With Brad on YouTube is my favorite (specifically his quick taps playlist which are 5-minute or under taps).

Express gratitude

Many experts agree that expressing gratitude regularly is the key to living a more fulfilling and happy life. Ways to up your gratitude? Trying writing down 3 - 5 things you're grateful for daily (note - our Anytime Reflection Journal has a gratitude section with 5 lines), saying thank you more (to others and to yourself), and by spending more time in nature (parks count!).

Listen to affirmations

One of my favorite - and easiest! - ways to fill your subconscious mind with positive statements and beliefs. Have them on in the background while you're doing regular household tasks (cleaning, washing dishes, laundry, etc). If this is something you try and you find yourself rolling your eyes or thinking "yeah, right" at certain statements, then maybe this isn't for you - or maybe that's a good indicator of what you need to work on within yourself! I like Bob Baker on Apple Podcasts.

Consume motivational & uplifting content

From books to podcasts, I try to listen to or read one thing a day that will expand my mind and my way of thinking (alongside my daily(ish) dose of Bravo!). My bedtime routine includes journaling and reading (though sometimes that reading only lasts 5 minutes before I pass out lol) and I always have one  personal growth book in rotation.

Some favorites are: Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King, and 10% Happier by Dan Harris (*note, these book links are Amazon affiliate links and if you make a purchase via one of the links, I will receive a small commission). My favorite podcasts right now are The Ed Mylett Show (he has such amazing and inspiring guests on!), The Mindvalley Podcast, Off the Record With You (the host Annie is down to earth and so real!), and Wellness Unpacked with Ella Mills.  

Uncover limiting beliefs... and write new ones

A limiting belief is a belief that is rooted into your subconscious that holds you back or restricts you in some ways (common examples include: I'm too old, I'm  not good enough, I'm not smart enough, that's impossible, etc). Anytime you hear that little voice in your head discouraging you from something - it likely stems from a limiting belief. Pay attention to what your internal voice is saying  and you'll start to uncover your limiting beliefs. Write them down - and then write a more empowering belief next to it and read it daily.

Some new belief examples: "I (can) make a great living doing what I love", "I am loved - by myself and by others", "I am loveable", "I'm not too old and it's not too late". Look for examples in real life that support your new belief (they may start to appear as you keep practicing this) and eventually these new uplifting beliefs will be your baseline beliefs (our Anytime Reflection Journal has 7 reflection questions plus a notes section at the end - these questions may help you uncover your limiting beliefs or you can use the notes section to write down your new beliefs!)

I hope you found these tips helpful and that they empower you to be your best self. Let me know in the comments any questions you have or which is your favorite!

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