Not Sure What to Write in Your Journal? Here are 9 Suggestions

Allison Kleinman

If you want to journal, but you're just not sure what to write, here are 9 suggestions. Try any combination of the below to find what works for you. I have a feeling that once you find your groove - you won't want to stop!

9 Suggestions to Write In Your Journal

1) Your fears and anxieties to help release them

2) How you're feeling in the moment

3) How you're feeling as a result of something and your perspective on why you're feeling that way

4) 3+ things you're grateful for  

5) An intention for the day (if you journal in the morning)

6) Reflection on the day or something good that happened (if you journal in the evening)

7) A list of everything you've accomplished - day/week/month/year

8) Something you're excited for (planned)

9) Something you're excited for (manifesting)

And while any blank notebook will do, if you're looking for  a bit more structure and inspiration, check out the Anytime Reflection Journal. It's the perfect journal for beginners or regular journalers who want a simple yet effective formula that gets results. It covers all the bases with 3 sections (feelings, gratitudes, excitement) to help you get the most from your journaling experience, it's quick (takes 5-minutes!) and flexible - both in terms of when to  use it (anytime!) and how (you can customize each section for you!) Plus, there are inspirational quotes on every page to help keep you motivated and expand your way of thinking!

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