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Our Mindful Mamas series spotlights other amazing mindful mamas from all over! The interviews focus on mindfulness and self-care and what it means and looks like for each mama. The goal of this series is to showcase the different ways we mamas get our self-care and mindfulness in and show how it can look/feel/be different for everyone, as well as the creative tips we mamas use to fit it in! We hope this series educates, informs and inspires you on self-care and to take some time for yourself, mama! 

Anna Hutchison

Meet Anna Hutchison

Our next mama is one of my dear mama friends - Anna! Anna is an actress originally from New Zealand, now living in LA. She's mama to beautiful babies -ages 1.5 and 3.5 (around the same age and age gap as my kiddos). I met Anna through one of our mutual best friends and immediately connected with her as I spent time post-college traveling and living in New Zealand - Kiwis are some of my favorite people! Read on for my full interview with Anna.

What is your definition of self-care? Has this changed since becoming a mom?

To me, self care means making time to do the things you love, that make you feel good. Self care has changed for me so much since becoming a mummy. But the meaning of it still holds true. Now, instead of going for a trail run to clear my mind and get my endorphins flowing, I pop the kids in the double stroller for a run or walk around the neighborhood.

What does your self-care routine look like? Feel free to share small practices you do regularly and/or a set routine (morning, evening).

I’m very minimal when it comes to self care. Which is fabulous because it means my routine gets accomplished EVERY morning. First thing - COFFEE. And after getting the kids fed and ready for the day, I’ll have a shower. That’s it! Enough for me to set up a great day.

Do you practice mindfulness? If so, how?

I have just begun to. As an actor I found being critical and in control of myself often worked I my favor. But that has not transferred to being a mummy. The days that go the best for me are when I’m applying principles of mindfulness, even if I’m not sitting down and it’s intentional. All through the day I try my best to go with the flow, be patient, accepting, curious. All these practices lead to such fun play with my babes. I also try to take note and thank some beautiful soul who has helped me during the day.

Anna and Allie at a pumpkin patch with their babies

Me and Anna with our (first) pumpkins

What's a "mindful mama" tip you have?

Breathe. Laugh. Take it slow. Enjoy the mayhem. Embrace the chaos! (That’s a hard one for me as I’m a huge control freak but WOW it’s a game changer)

What is your favorite self-care activity for when you have… 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 60+ minutes?

5 minutes would be the am coffee and shower. 30 mins could be a sweat app session/reading a book/listening to a podcast/baking/running/chatting to a friend/styling my hair/getting a pedicure/going for a swim- oh I’m relaxing at the thought of all these delicious activities! And 60+ mins would be an extended version of the 30 mins.

What are your top 3 - 5 self-care and/or wellness products?

I love La Roche Posay Skincare, water, fresh fruit, my Bliss'd Co journal.

Motherhood can be overwhelming! How do you center yourself when you’re feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed?

Deep breaths, a change of scenery, laugh. Oftentimes the reason I’m getting stressed is because the house is messy, but I have to remember- couch forts are RAD when you’re little and having toys everywhere is excellent for wee ones because they are accessible to them, just a bit of a bugger when you barefoot step on a hot wheels car, for the sixth time in a morning.

Two friends outside with Hollywood Sign in background

Me and Anna in LA

What is a tip you have for a mom interested in self-care but unsure how to start, or she feels overwhelmed with the idea of fitting it in?

Start with 5 minutes. Have something that you love, that centers you, that doesn’t cost. It will make achieving some self care time realistic.

When do you feel your most bliss’d out?

A bubble bath or jacuzzi with the kids. We all collectively relax and can chat about the day and share what our favorite moments were, what bits we struggled with. It’s just lovely.

What's a mama mantra you live by?

I am the best mummy in the entire world for my babies.


Thank you, Anna, for sharing your thoughts with our community! I personally felt inspired from this interview and hope you did, too. And I'm going to use that mantra on the challenging days of motherhood! You can follow and connect with Anna on her Instagram

If you're a mom interested in being featured in our Mindful Mamas series, please submit here. We are excited to feature you!

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