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Our Mindful Mamas series spotlights other amazing mindful mamas from all over! The interviews focus on mindfulness and self-care and what it means and looks like for each mama. The goal of this series is to showcase the different ways we mamas get our self-care and mindfulness in and show how it can look/feel/be different for everyone, as well as the creative tips we mamas use to fit it in! We hope this series educates, informs and inspires you on self-care and to take some time for yourself, mama! 

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Meet Jessie Medina

Jessie is our next Bliss'd Mindful Mama! Jessie is originally from Argentina (how cool!) and now lives in San Diego, California. This is an extra special interview because Jessie is a new mom - her daughter is three months old (at time of interview) - so this is a great opportunity to gain some perspective on what new mom self care looks like! Jessie is a multi-faceted business owner who is also a public speaker and podcast host. Read on for my interview with Jessie!

What is your definition of self-care? Has this changed since becoming a mom?

Before being a mom, self-care was more like indulging, but as a new mom, I'm more interested in mindful self-care. Newborns take a lot of time and I want to be super intentional of how I use the small windows of time that I have to myself. Also, I am now more interested in taking care of myself in ways that have long-term benefits and add longevity because now I have someone to care for too. Old Jessie's self-care was a bath whereas new Jessie is thinking about taking post-natal vitamins, strengthening my muscles, and taking care of my mental health to live my best life and give my daughter the best version of me.

What does your self-care routine look like? Feel free to share small practices you do regularly and/or a set routine (morning, evening).

I've become more interested in long-term results. I switched all my products and skin care to organic non-toxic, I only wear natural fabrics and sustainable brands, I make sure to take my postnatal vitamins, and I started working out again after postpartum. I make sure to work out everyday even if for 15 minutes. I also like to dance to entertain my baby while she's on her gym but to break a sweat and because I love dancing for my mental health too! I also try to get in the hot tub and read at least 3-days a week.

Do you practice mindfulness? If so, how?

Yes, I love doing short meditations while in the shower, hot tub, and even in bed when my baby falls asleep on my arms. I also love journaling and I opted for just doing quick logs on Evernote now that I am a mom.

What's a "mindful mama" tip you have?

It helps me so much to see myself through my daughter. As a new mom, it was easy to want everything to be perfect and judge myself when it wasn't. Then, a couple weeks of being with my daughter, I realized I would never do that to her and I'd tell her to have self-grace. I've since been catching myself and being mindful of how I even think of myself. I would say a mindful mama is a gracious mama.

What is your favorite new mom self-care activity for when you have… 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 60+ minutes?

5 minutes - quick journal entries on Evernote on my phone

30 minutes - reading or listening to a podcast in the hot tub

60+ minutes - this is rare with a newborn but it's happened when I've gone out for a massage!

Motherhood can be overwhelming! How do you center yourself when you’re feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed?

I remind myself of the big picture and that it all will pass too soon so enjoy the good and don't sweat the small stuff.

What is a tip you have for a mom interested in self-care but unsure how to start, or she feels overwhelmed with the idea of fitting it in?

Forget the fancy, highly edited (and often fake) social media "morning routines" and endless lists of things to do or spend on. The best self-care is the one that feels best for you and doesn't give you stress. It can be making yourself that cup of coffee and sitting there with a good book while your baby is sleeping or taking a hot shower. At first, I'd clean my house and do chores when I had a break. Now, I make sure I do something for me first. But, if vacuuming is soothing to you, then do that. It's ok. Pay attention to what makes you feel good.

When do you feel your most bliss’d out?

Honestly, when my daughter is napping in my arms.

What's a mama mantra you live by?

Enjoy each moment because each lasts but a second.


Thank you, Jessie, for sharing your thoughts! And congratulations on your precious baby girl! If you'd like to connect further with Jessie, follow her on Instagram or check out her website!

If you're a mom interested in being featured in our Mindful Mamas series, please submit here. We are excited to feature you!

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