2023 💫

Allison Kleinman

Happy New Year! I said it last year and I'll say it again - I love the start of a new year and the renewed energy that (can) come with it. While I believe that a "fresh start" can happen at anytime (you don't need to wait for a new year, a new week, etc), I do feel that there's a different energy to the new year that I love to use to my advantage for brainstorming, visioning, and intention setting.

That being said - it's winter in the northern hemisphere and still very much a time of hibernation, quiet, and rest. So - if you're not feeling that new year energy, I also think that's very normal, too! Hence why I'm writing this blog post almost 2  weeks into the new year ;) 

So here, I'm sharing my intentions for 2023. 

  • Regular journaling (naturally!)
  • Less doing for the sake of doing
  • More reading (2022 my Goodreads reading challenge was 10 books - which I accomplished! This year, it's 12!
  • Less texting, more talking (phone or in-person!)
  • Creating and honoring boundaries
  • Supporting small and local 
  • Focusing on feeling good from within
  • Cold showers
  • Less rush & comparing, more patience 
  • Focusing on small, consistent steps
  • More date nights
  • Deepening connection with myself and others
  • Drowning out the noise
  • Making dreams a reality

Do you have any intentions for 2023? I'd love to hear in the comments below!  

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